Quick update…

…so the people who follow what’s going on solely through my blog will know that my travel went well and I arrived safely: my travel went well and arrived safely. One silver lining to this particular tropical storm system: because I arrived ahead of schedule, I’ve had more time to spend with my father.

My father describes himself as the worst writer in the family. This might be an instance of a person blessed with faint condemnation—he is certainly a masterful storyteller—but it’s certainly not a thing he feels called to do. He’s more in the business of business. The interesting thing is how much I find that the things he says about it translates to both the business side of art, and to creativity.

I told him last night I love reading his advice to his clients. If the making piles of money for himself and his customers thing he’s got going on doesn’t work out for him, he could seriously turn out some impressive motivational posters and advice books.

Between last night and this morning, our conversations have helped some things that were pretty shapeless in my mind to gel up quite a bit, and given me more confidence about some of the directions I’ve been moving in.

So that was a huge positive note to end a stressful and tumultuous time.

With most of two work days already lost and my typical post-travel fatigue and spaciness, I’m just declaring this week a casualty of the storm. I’m going to spend the day relaxing with my parents, dinking around creatively in the presence of fresh air and sunshine, and figure out what’s happening next week next week.