STATUS: Wednesday, September 30th

Quick Update

Well, the crisis I reported yesterday is past. You know, every time I rattle the cup, whether it’s for an emergency situation or not, some rando (as they say dans la belle internet) is bound to pop up with a snide comment about “e-begging” or “hipster welfare”, but 9 times out of 10, the biggest contributions come with notes attached saying things like, “I’ve been reading your work for years and it’s time I paid something back.”

The people who criticize these kinds of transactions often claim to be proponents of the free market, but they love to argue with the specific results the market provides.

But enough dwelling…

The Daily Report

So, I had been planning to announce a decision regarding my plans for next week today, but things are a bit up in the air for me right now in a very literal sense, as these plans currently hinge on the behavior of a massive weather system that’s hanging out off the eastern seaboard. Next week might end up being a light one where I’m focusing my energy elsewhere, or it might be a normal week, or it might be a mix of both. Can’t tell you.

I am very excited about a couple of different things, including a brand new story and one that I think has been percolating for well over a decade now, that I’d even written drafts of before. I’m also excited about A Wilder World. I feel like I have a game but organizing it is tricky, and that’s coming together. The morning walk is really helping me gel creatively in a way that I haven’t been.

The State of the Me

I’m feeling great… better today than I did yesterday morning, and that was pretty darn good, flu shot side effects and all.  I’m more or less back where I thought I was financially… a little surplus-y at the moment, but ending the month of October in the black and stable. Brain firing on all cylinders. Body performing adequately.

Plans For Today

I’m doing the writing equivalent of doodling until lunch. After lunch, I’m going to spend some time on A Wilder World before settling into Tales of MU at the end of the day.