STATUS: Wednesday, August 16th

The Daily Report

Well, yesterday I said I’d be posting a short-short story, but I wound up unexpectedly finishing my 4k story “Walk Briskly” and posted that instead. I feel like it’s a good example of what I meant when I was talking about creative sorcery, as it was basically conceived and written in 24 hours. One of the comments on it said that it’s my best yet, and at least in terms of standalone short stories, I’m inclined to agree.

For a while, I’ve been thinking about getting into Teespring in order to bring out some new and gently refurbished t-shirt designs, as their pre-order model seems to allow for better pricing than true print-on-demand concerns. On a whim this past weekend I threw up my first design, something for the dirty-minded classicist that reads “Free The Catullus 16” on the front and has the opening line of the referenced poem on the back. You can see it at

First couple of days, I nabbed one order a day, which is the exact minimum rate of orders that would be needed for them to actually take the shirt live at the end of the campaign. It seems to have caught fire overnight, as there were three more orders between yesterday and today, putting us halfway there. If anybody’s been looking at it thinking that they might get on it but it seems like a long shot getting it to print, the odds are looking better and better. Note that this is zero-risk, as the orders only go through if the remaining necessary five shirts are ordered.

Assuming a positive experience with this, I’ll be putting out some other t-shirt designs… actually, even if this one somehow doesn’t make it to the finish line, I still probably will. Most of my other ideas either appeal to my existing fandom or just have a broader appeal than an infamous Latin poem.

The State of the Me

Feeling good. Feeling super good. Last few days have brought some much-needed perspective.

Plans For Today

Well, as of right now, I’m pretty solidly on track for getting my first Wednesday post up. I’m going to keep focusing on that in the afternoon.