STATUS: Tuesday, September 15th

The Daily Report

So, in the past couple days I’ve been blogging about what I might broadly call purpose and process and the purpose of process. I mentioned on Sunday how Friday had evolved into being the worst day for me to try to get anything important done, but I’d left it on my schedule as the capstone of my workweek.

On the other end of the week, Monday’s become the day where I am completely alone most of the day, giving me a muuuuuuch needed “recharge time” when I can float around the house without inhibition. Yesterday I came up with a new story and wrote 3,500 words of it, and also straightened my head out on a couple of important points.

Monday might seem like the logical day to pick as the day to Do All The Things, but I think it’s far more useful as a day to be a sort of day to clear my head and figure out what I’m doing with the rest of the week. I think taking it as a guilt-free “do whatever” day is likely to make the rest of the week that much better. And “do whatever” sometimes translates into “do nothing”, but sometimes my attempts to do something wind up doing whatever… and sometimes “do whatever” means exciting new story and the best writing day in a long time.

I still don’t have my actual schedule ironed out. I’m still mostly aiming at Wednesday for the main MU posting day.

The State of the Me

Feeling pretty good. It’s cool enough here, at least at night and in the morning, that I can sleep deeply and then enjoy fresh air and hot tea in the morning.

Plans For Today

Still figuring stuff out. I’m going to post a complete (albeit very short) story in the afternoon, for your entertainment and edification. I’m not sure if I’ll be doing it here, at my flash site, or on my Patreon feed, but it’ll at least be linked from here.