STATUS: Monday, September 28th

The Daily Report

Another exciting week of doing things creatively. I find myself with not a lot to say at the start of this week, in terms of specific goals. I’ve been thinking more in terms of priorities and obstacles/inhibitions, but it’s not very cogent yet.

The State of the Me

Today I came very close to getting out the door at 9, which is what I need to do for my “commute” to bring me back to the office at 10. I would have made it if I hadn’t managed to cut myself while getting ready. As it is, I’m at my desk at 10:30.

The walk itself went pretty well, after three days off from it. Today I celebrated my progress by buying myself a colorful new skirt on clearance at the Family Dollar. It’s a small thing, but it symbolizes that the walking isn’t just exercise but reclaimed independence.

Plans For Today

Monday is my “mental palate cleanser” day. Today, I’m devoting it to A Wilder World, which has been coming together pretty well lately albeit not in a very organized fashion.