STATUS: Monday, September 21st

The Daily Report

Okay, the start of a new week. I’m going to lay out some goals:

  1. Every day this week, post a Thing of the Day (a piece of creative writing such as a flash ficlet, short story, or poem). I have more than five things sitting in my folder, so I can do this irrespective of other goals.
  2.  Every day this week, write a Thing of the Day, so I can keep up the pace. Some Things of some Days will be better than others, obviously, and the day might come when I write two or three short things, not all of which are winners. The key here is to keep writing and keep publishing.
  3. Finish the next chapter of MU and post it Thursday.

I have some other, less structured side goals. These are the main things I’m holding myself to specifically this week.

The State of the Me

Had a fairly horrific nightmare last night, didn’t sleep very well before or after it. My caffeine schedule was off all day Sunday, I think that contributed.

Today is one of my favorite kinds of days: cool and gray but not actually wet. It’s the kind of day that’s great for opening every window in the house, and the kind of day that’s great for walking around outside.

This past weekend, I upgraded my walk from my usual paper-thin ballet flats to a sturdy pair of sneakers, because my normal footwear is definitely not made for walking 2-3 miles in a day and doing so was starting to wear on both my feet and my shoes.

Now, the reason I prefer shoes that border on the insubstantial is related to the reason that my favorite exercise is walking at a steady pace: a chronic fatigue condition that makes my muscles use energy at an extremely inefficient rate. So switching to heavier shoes is easier on my feet, but harder on my legs and overall energy level. While I was up to a three mile walk with the slippers, I’ve had to start my conditioning over again with the sneakers. Frustrating from a mobility/independence point of view, but better from a health/safety point of view.

Plans For Today

I think Monday works really well as a low-pressure, free-form kind of day, so I’m going to keep with that.