STATUS: Friday, September 25th

The Daily Report

Had a small panic yesterday afternoon when all three of my active WordPress sites had similar (though ultimately separate) backend issues… before I got it sorted out, I thought there was something much deeper and scarier going on. That’s why I ended up breaking out a short for the Thing of the Day instead of the MU chapter. We’re in good shape for today, though.

I’m very pleased with the feedback some of my Things of the Day have been getting. I’ve been posting a mix of old stuff I’ve been sitting on and new stuff I’m writing, but it’s mostly stuff I feel like I’d have a hard time finding a home for but also stuff that I really enjoy writing (and reading). I know it’s not impossible to get a less-traditional story accepted for publication… I’d just rather keep creating than spend a lot of time pounding the virtual pavement.

The State of the Me

My legs started feeling really worn down early on in my walks the past few days, so I stopped and thought a bit and realized that even at my peak of activity I never took miles-long walks 7 days a week without break, but only 4-5 times a week. So I’m giving myself a break today and then through the weekend, and starting on Monday I’ll just do it weekdays. This should help me

Plans For Today

Well… there might be two things going up today, as I had a plan to unveil something today and I don’t really want to wait until next week, but I’ve also got a chapter I want to get wrapped and posted. We’ll see what happens.