STATUS: Friday, September 18th

The Daily Report

So, today I moved a little bit closer to my “morning commute” concept by taking my walk in the morning, if not exactly during the hour before my scheduled start time. The more I do this, the less energy/attention it takes to walk and the more my mind can wander, which is really useful. I used to do a lot of my creative recharging/planning/brainstorming during the long walks I *had* to take for work.

I mentioned I’m moving towards a “thing of the day” creative model, where every day I post a thing. Once a week, most weeks, that’s going to be a Tales of MU chapter. It might also be poems, short stories, flash ficlets, whatever. I’ve also been trying a thing with my partner Jack where we use a random plot idea generator and write a flash story together around it. Our goal is to do this once a week. We’ve got two of them so far. Starting next week, I’ll be posting them among my Things of the Day, probably on Friday.

My last remaining mental obstacle on getting Angels of the Meanwhile put to bed and sent out was the thought that my own e-book formatting skills are too meager for anything but my own butchered wares. I’m going to say, in the past week or so I’ve seen a couple of other e-book offerings where absolutely no care was taken in converting them, to the point that there are broken links, missing page breaks, etc. Like nobody even double-checked that the set-up still worked across platforms, just fired it off into the void and called it good.

I’m better than that. I might not be the best, but I’m not the worst, and I’m good enough. This is a thought to hold onto as I go into next week.

The State of the Me

The walking thing gets easier and easier. Each day by the time I got home my lower back was hurting. Today, nope. I’m a little surprised I haven’t exhausted myself, but I guess I’ve been rigorous enough in my occasional exercise bike use and pacing around the backyard that I’m not completely out of shape.

Plans For Today

Got a MU chapter coming up as the Thing of the Day.