STATUS: Wednesday, August 26th

The Daily Report

One great thing about all the Hugo-related attention right now is that it reminded me that I had started a John Z. Upjohn novel before circumstances and sickness laid me low. I’ll be continuing that next week. I’m working on it now, but I want to get a little ahead of the game before I get too far ahead of myself.

In the spirit of not spending another day alternately overwhelmed by the volume of response and fending off Puppies repeating the same propaganda lines, I’m turning off notifications on multiple sites for a bit.

The State of the Me

Things continue to trend well. I’m having a bit of an emotional rollercoaster effect today and yesterday, and I’m definitely feeling the valleys a bit more acutely than the peaks. Like a case of the blahs, interrupted at intervals. Emotional state weird, but manageable overall. Physically good.

Plans For Today

Bowing to the strangeness of the day, I’m making no specific plans except that this afternoon I’m going to do the major writing for my new draft of the next Tales of MU chapter. Between now and then, I’ll work on what lets me maintain a kind of level, as it allows me to do so.