STATUS: Tuesday, August 25th

The Daily Report

Did not have the best start to the day. I did wake up at 8:00 and make a blog post and have breakfast before my work day started at 10, but I got bogged down in the responses that post generated on its cross-posts, and some next-day responses to the Hugo post from yesterday.

Ah, well! I guess on the plus side, it’s publicity. A better self-promoter than I would be getting a huge boost off this, I’m sure. I’ll take whatever small lift comes my way.

I have achieved the formatting work I meant to do today, at least.

The State of the Me

As much as “not enough sleep” is frequently one of my problems, I think my decision to get up as soon as a time is reached when I am both actually awake and the sun is up is a good one. Staying in bed until just before my accustomed start time works out badly for a number of reasons.

Plans For Today

Well, most of the day is gone, and I’m a little wound up, so I’m actually going to be doing something kind of personal, by which I mean working on game design stuff. It’s in this weird intersection of “creative” and “technical” that lets me slip into the creative mindset more easily.