STATUS: Friday, August 21st

The Daily Report

Well, I’ve been having a better day today than I have all week, and for some time before that. I’m looking back at the end of it at this point, though. I didn’t want to make too many plans in the morning because I didn’t want to overestimate myself, or undersell myself. That post I made yesterday was definitely a turning point. My improving physical health definitely helps (seriously, so sick of coughing). The intense rains yesterday also lowered the humidity a bunch and the temperature a bit for today.

The main reason I didn’t status post this morning is I wanted to see how I would do on getting a MU chapter up today, but didn’t want to make a prediction. Because I was starting from literally nothing.

I probably should have called it as “no”. It’s not that I’ve never written a decent thing in a single day, it’s that I can’t ever count on it, and even if I can do decent-in-a-day, I can improve decent if I sleep on it.

I just have this crushing awareness of how haphazard the posting schedule has been lately that makes me want to push on, kludge something together, and post it. But I’m never happy when I do that, and my thought right now is: I would rather be unhappy about posting nothing than be unhappy with what I’ve posted.

I don’t feel great that the day after I’m like, “I’m back, baby!”, I’m also like, “…I’ve got nothing in the tank.” But wallowing in guilt over it’s not going to help me next week.

The State of the Me

My latest summer cold has been getting better for three or four days, but “better” is relative. I have still had a few coughing jags today, but they are a lot fewer and farther between, and my throat feels pretty dang close to normal when I’m not coughing, which is a brand new thing. Last night I had the first really good night of sleep since I started getting sick, and probably a bit before that.