STATUS: Wednesday, July 8th

The Daily Report

Well! It’s day one of working with the new computer. I left it working overnight so it would download my cloud folders. When I woke up this morning and came into the office, I thought it must have lost power or went to sleep, it was so quiet… but nope. It was actually still chugging along on my Dropbox, just chugging very quietly.

It’s a little surreal switching to a new computer in the age of the cloud. When I got my new laptop back around Christmas I got a little taste of it, but there was enough new to me about Windows 8 that it all seemed new. With this one, so much of my stuff carries over seamlessly that the stuff that I have to do by hand weirds me out a little.

I’m still using the same keyboard I was using before, which definitely lessens the feeling that I’m breaking a new thing in.

The State of the Me

Jack has a clogged sinus, and I woke up today feeling a little unusually sniffly. It might be nothing, just my summer allergies, but I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

Plans For Today

I had some very specific plans Monday, and then Tuesday, but yesterday was such an up-and-down day that there’s basically nothing left in my head after the relief. I guess I’ll try throwing myself into some random writing throughout the morning and early afternoon. In the afternoon, I’ll be catching up on some business emails. In late afternoon, I’m going to be getting myself back up to speed on Tales of MU.