STATUS: Wednesday, July 22nd

The Daily Report

Blue Author needs a larger, more reliable revenue stream badly.

So, later today, I’m going to be posting more of John Z. Upjohn’s book, The Freedom of Liberty, ending with prominent links to my Patreon account and a PayPal tip jar. Further installments of this rollicking, good ol’-fashioned military-tinged space opera adventure story will follow on most subsequent Wednesdays, as long as it’s worth my time to keep doing so. If I can find a suitably appreciative audience here, I’ll keep posting them here. If not, I’ll post them as locked entries on my Patreon account.

What’s the benchmark? Well, I don’t have a specific one in mind for free-floating tips, but if my Patreon funding hits $500 a month (it’s at $418 and change right now) then I’ll keep posting them where the public can read them.

Basically, I’m at a point right now where my satirical writing has attracted a lot of positive notice, but not much of anything in the way of money. I’d like to develop the Upjohn idea into a book or books, but I can’t justify spending the time pursuing it at a time when I’m scraping by.

The State of the Me

As we go into the tail-end of July, I’ve had some temperature-related difficulties. Monday afternoon it actually got too hot to work inside my office, and the past couple nights have been awkward for sleeping. Well, I have a quality laptop. It’s not good for the publishing/editing/formatting stuff, but I can write and post from it.

Plans For Today

I’m planning on getting out of the office to do some random writing in a different location in the early afternoon, and then come back and post the next bit of The Freedom of Liberty, as mentioned previously. I’m going to close out the day by doing some preliminary writing on this week’s MU chapter.