STATUS: Monday, July 27

The Daily Report

I mentioned last week that there’s an updated version of Word for the Android OS. I’ve been spending most of today getting acquainted with it. The new version is both more powerful than the previous iteration, and closer to the desktop.

I have to say that while Word remains better than Google Docs for tricky formatting and preparing things to ebook specifications and is loads better for dealing with big and complicated documents, GDocs remains the gold standard for fluid multi-device, cross-platform jumping. I’ve learned that OneDrive still doesn’t like it if I start something in one place and then open it in another without first closing it in the first place. It can cope. It’s just not happy.

So, I’m not going to be switching from Docs to Word for free-wheeling creative writing, but this is still good news for my projects that rely on elaborate formatting and precise presentation of information. It’s still not necessarily a place to do the heavy lifting on those projects, if only because the lack of a mouse and keyboard shortcuts makes formatting a lot less seamless, but perhaps I can do something with templates.

The State of the Me

Had a decent weekend, sleep-wise.

Plans For Today

The remaining couple of hours of the day are going to be spent creatively brainstorming for this week’s MU chapter, as I try to step back into a more formal writing process. Tomorrow I’m going to start writing the “seed” of the story, Wednesday I’m going to try to flesh it out, and Thursday I’m going to work on finishing it, giving me Friday to polish or add in any fresh insights.