STATUS: Friday, July 31st

The Daily Report

Apologies to John Z. Upjohn and his readers for the lack of a new Liberty chapter on Wednesday, but I was busily backing up hard drives in preparation for the Windows 10 launch, which as I mentioned has gone fairly smoothly for me.

I mentioned “internet hiccups” in my update post yesterday, and it turns out it wasn’t a coincidence of timing, but neither was it anything terribly dire. My new computer came with a wireless networking card built-in, something I had never noticed before because my office nook is way too far away from the cable hook-up to get decent wifi reception, so I have a USB repeater cable that goes out into the hall, twines around the banister, and then dangles down to where the signal’s clear.

Windows 8 made that the default network adapter as soon as it detected it. After the upgrade, it was trying to use the on-board adapter. I figured that out just before going to bed last night. I couldn’t figure out how to change that, so I disabled the card. This morning things are working fine.

I’ve probably been a little overly cautious about doing stuff on my computer while it does things like copying a backup or installing the update (which even comes with a cheery—by Microsoft standards, anyway—invitation to keep using your computer while it’s working), but the computers I grew up with were a bit more touchy and temperamental. The few things that hadn’t backed up to the cloud before my previous computer bit it have made me a little jumpy.

The State of the Me

Doing good.

Plans For Today

It’s possible I might have a family tech support call to take today, though it’s supposed to just be a quick drop-off of a thing I can hopefully take care of over the weekend. Supposed to be. That’s a bit of a wild card. Given that it’s Friday and thus posting day with that in the mix, I’m not making any other plans beyond tying together the chapter and putting it up.