STATUS: Friday, July 17th

The Daily Report

A while ago, I lowered the cost of the MU Omnibus e-books to a flat 4.99 each, instead of prices that roughly correlated to their lengths. This was to test the theory that this would produce a jolt in their sales. Well, the sales not only didn’t increase, but they decreased, even though this experiment encompassed periods when my profile was higher than normal. I suppose this supports the “price equals perceived value” theory… they looked like a better product when they were a worse buy.

For the next phase of the experiment, I’m going to be putting them at a higher flat price: 9.99. People have told me for years I don’t value my own work highly enough, and while I’m not sure that “price” and “value” are the same thing, my whole thing has been that whatever price point generates the most revenue for the artist is the best valuation. (In cases where revenue remains constant as price decreases, I’d say go with the lower price because that’s more readers, and readers == future revenue for other streams.)

Today is the day I intend to renew posting Tales of MU chapters. I can’t say I’m 100% happy with where the next chapter is, but I also can’t say that’s 100% not jitters. There’s a kind of stage fright that comes over me sometimes when it comes to sharing my work, and the longer I go without really doing it, the worse it gets. I think I have this feeling like the next chapter has to be absolutely dynamite in order to “justify” the delay, but the facts are that we’re just not at a dynamite place in the story, and the delay isn’t something that’s justified or not, it’s something that’s happened.

The State of the Me

My sleep schedule’s really been messed up lately, mostly by personal stuff. I think I got it back on track today by going to bed early last night. The trick is going to be maintaining some discipline over it over the weekend.

Plans For Today

Getting a late start today, but this afternoon I’m going to dig in and focus on Tales of MU like nothing else.