STATUS: Tuesday, June 2nd


The State of the Me

I’m at the stage of respiratory illness recovery where I feel completely great except for my throat, which is bearing the scars of the previous week’s drainage. So I’ll be doing great until something sets it off, and then I have a coughing fit that leaves it raw. Mint tea, crystallized ginger, and lozenges are the order of the day.

The Daily Report

It’s going to be a weird week, as my enthusiasm and energy conflict continuously butts up against the reality of my upper respiratory tract. Ah, well.

Case in point: I have a brand new microphone that I got shortly before I got sick the last time, and I’ve barely used it. Yesterday I was feeling so awesome I decided to try doing a test recording. That was a mistake. So, instead of trying to do anything big and bold, I’m easing back into creative writing after essentially two weeks without it.

Plans For Today

I’m declaring today a random write whatever day. Got to prime the pump.