STATUS: Monday, June 8th

The State of the Me

I figured out last night that what I’m dealing with in my sinuses is mostly or entirely environmental… the back-and-forth nature of my recovery after I got over the actual sickness corresponded to the time I spent in my bedroom with the A/C on. We don’t have central air, so each room that needs it has a window unit, and mine was very badly in need of a filter cleaning. I figured this out when I spent most of the day feeling fine only to have my sinuses explode within an hour of laying down. I’ve been getting used to having to repeatedly clear my nostrils and throat when I first wake up, but I did not need to do so this morning. Positive sign!

We’ve been spending quite a bit of time at the hospital the past few days, which does take its toll in time and energy and routine. I didn’t sleep well at all this weekend, which is why even though I was awake before nine i’m not writing my status post until just after noon.

The Daily Report/Plans For Today

I’m feeling very reflective today. I’m going to write a post about something I’ve been thinking about, on the subject of mindfulness practices, or a mindfulness practice. After that, I’m going to be kind of looking at what’s on my table and doing some prioritizing, since we’re a week into the month and I’m feeling behind on everything.