STATUS: Monday, June 15th

The Daily Report

Well, my work week has got off to a weird start.Because everything in my life is a little weird right now, I spent much of Saturday thinking it was Sunday and woke up yesterday thinking it was Monday. I actually woke up and started writing, which wasn’t a bad thing at all… it just left me very disoriented when reminded of weekend plans. I think it worked out for the best, though. I did not sleep well last night so I’m off to a very slow, very late start today, so having an extra day where I woke up raring to go isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Some people have asked privately what I mean by a creativity boot camp. Perhaps this phrase conjures a more formal, planned out process than what I actually have in mind. What I actually mean is that I’m going to spend the week focused on writing for the sake of writing.

When I have an idea, write it. When I get stuck, write something else. When absolutely nothing is coming, walk away and do something with my hands like light cleaning and think about what to write. I may dig up or devise formal writing exercises to help keep me moving, and if I do, I’ll try to report on what works for me and what doesn’t.

The State of the Me

The double dose of Claritin is still having a life-changing improvement. My sleep was weird last night, but I did sleep.

Plans For Today

Write, write, write.