Late Afternoon Update

My decision to basically play triage with my throat has turned out pretty awesome.

This morning before I properly woke up, I was coughing so hard that I was a little worried that I’d been kidding myself that my cold was getting better and it had just migrated south. Then I realized my cough, as horrible as it was, was completely non-productive… my throat was just so irritated that the smallest things would set it off.

I had a good supply of lozenges and ginger candy already, because I made a point of stocking up on that stuff before WisCon… con crud or no con crud, a convention can be murder on your throat. But I also have this giant stockpile of mint tea that I started laying in back when I was mostly off of caffeine. When I started drinking soda again, it started to fall by the wayside and then when Dorian died and I re-arranged my entire office, I lost my tea station and never bothered to set it back up again.

But now after drinking hot liquids all morning, I’m back from my throat feels like someone’s taken a roto-rooter to it to feeling so normal I have to watch that I don’t overdo it with the talking. I have not needed any kind of cough medicine or even a lozenge since this morning.

But man… I forgot how good a good cup of green tea with mint makes me feel. What it does for my body and  brain. It’s like the perfect combination of the green tea’s mood boosting effect, the mint’s focus/creativity boosting effect, and the caffeine’s affect on dopamine… it’s like the thing that has been missing from my herbal supplementation these past several months.