STATUS: Wednesday, May 6th

The Daily Report

Well, I’ve finally found a way to feel good about this Sad/Rabid (Sabid?) Puppies mess: satire. Yesterday I wrote three satirical book reviews from the point of view of a sort of generalized Puppy figure. One I posted immediately. The other two I queued up to up today and tomorrow. I don’t have concrete plans for any more at the moment, though I am idly thinking about possibilities, or other things I could do with the character of John Z. Upjohn, USMC (Aspired).

Mainly though, I just feel good. I didn’t ask for a culture war to spill out into the spaces where I hang out and work, but since it did I’ve had a hard time ignoring it and just enjoying what I’m doing. Now I feel like I have a framework for getting back to where I’m enjoying myself. Humor feels like so much of a better response to all of this than harsh invective, however well-founded it might be. There are limits to what we can do, systemically, to counter people acting in bad faith backed by their own biases. There are certainly limits to what debate can accomplish. The best answer we have for absurdity is a mirror.

Expect more blog posts about other things, and less tweeting about Puppy nonsense. I’m not making a hard and fast rule against engaging in all seriousness with puppygator shenanigans. I’m saying that we’re well past the point of diminishing returns on entertaining their nonsense as more than nonsense.

The State of the Me

Feeling good. There’s been some welcome good news in the extended family. There is some illness in our house right now, though I am doing well personally. We’re getting into the time of year when sleep gets trickier becuase of heat/humidity, but I’m on guard against it.

Plans For Today

I’ve got some email business to catch up on, then some random writing, then some Tales of MU.