STATUS: Wednesday, May 13th

The State of the Me

I spent most of the day yesterday sleeping, and by the end of the day I felt pretty good. Nose still runny, but really only residual soreness in my legs… no dead feeling anywhere. Today I feel not quite as good as I did at the end of the day yesterday, but I think better than I did yesterday morning. I anticipate something much more like a normal workday today, albeit one possibly spent working from bed.

The Daily Report

A number of people have asked me if I intend to continue with the Sad/Rabid Puppy book reviews, or have just plain encouraged me to keep writing them. To put it plainly: I don’t have any plans to end them, but I also don’t have definite plans to continue them past this week. It all depends on my continued ability to find fresh angles to take with the basic joke. While the assembled ranks of puppydom gives me multiple rich veins to work with, they’re not inexhaustible. There’s a chance they may become more sporadic in the future, or taper off over time, or be mixed up with or replaced with other things involving the characters of John Z. Upjohn and Theophilus Pratt.

One thing is clear: I don’t intend to hang up my satirist’s hat any time soon. This whole thing has got me thinking that I should perhaps be indulging my impish side more often.

Before the sickness hammer caught up with me, I’d intended to do things a little bit differently this week, with regards to my usual work day. My typical thing has been to work my way up to the heavy lifting when it comes to writing, doing my (bill-paying) Tales of MU writing at the end of the day, after a lot of warming up. I’ll spare this blog the background of the hows and whys that worked for me for so long. The weakness of it is that if something went wrong or came up unexpectedly during the day, the big thing that happens last would suffer the most and I’d wind up behind schedule.

So for a while I’ve been working on getting over the hang-ups that were stopping me from just sitting down and writing when I wake up in the morning. This was going to be the week when I put that into practice in a big way, by starting each day with my TOMU writing session. This one change, I believe, will let me balance my commitment to my big, main money-making enterprise and all the little side projects that help keep things interesting and fresh for me. Basically it amounts to making a deal with myself: spend two hours writing Tales of MU, then do whatever I want.

I’m already not quite there for today, though I will be throwing myself into my writing a little earlier in the day. Maybe.

Plans For Today

Well, here’s the wildcard: I am still sick. Yesterday I woke up feeling better and then I crashed really hard. If that happens again… it happens again. I can’t afford to play games with my health. So we’ll see.