STATUS: Thursday, May 7th

The Daily Report

Well, weird thing: I stored my powered down laptop upside down last night, and today I turned it on… I’ve been mainly using it to do things like make the morning rounds of sites I check, since writing has been right out with the wonky keyboard… and mysteriously, the keyboard has become de-wonkified.  I suppose this points to something loose and/or foreign inside, so perhaps it would still be worth having it serviced while it’s within warranty, but I had planned on suffering through it until after WisCon and now maybe there will be less actual suffering involved?

Or it could revert to type at any moment. I’m doing this status post on the laptop, which is part of why it’s coming up so much earlier in the day than they’ve been lately. Not having a decent laptop I can use without a struggle has really put a hole in my day, professionally and creatively. I had gotten used to being able to have my laptop close enough to bed that I wouldn’t be grabbing it when I should be sleeping, but first thing in the morning when I’m full of energy and my brain is buzzing with ideas it would be right there.

If it continues to perform to spec, then maybe I’ll have that again.

The State of the Me

I got to sleep really late last night. First, none other than John Scalzi tweeted a link to the first of my Sad Puppy book reviews, which briefly crashed my server. I was able to compensate. I’ll be paying a bit more at the end of the month, but on the balance I think the exposure is probably worth it. I put off posting Tales of MU until after midnight, though, because both sites use the same resources. Well, sometime during the day, WordPress upgraded itself automatically, only it didn’t finish the clean-up (this might have been bad timing with a crash, I suppose) and I couldn’t get into the admin panel without triggering a redirect loop. So I had to troubleshoot and come up with a solution in the middle of the night. By the time I did, I was wide awake and coasting on adrenaline. It was 3:30 before I could get to sleep.

So while I’m feeling okay and doing good right now, there might be a crash in the afternoon, is what I’m saying.

Plans For Today

People are just starting to notice the second Sad Puppy book review post, and the third one is set to go live within the hour. I’d thought about spacing them out a lot further, like one every week, now I feel like striking while the iron is hot is the way to go. I have one for tomorrow, too, which closes out the week. At the moment I don’t plan on doing any more, though I have gathered some ideas. The thing is, I didn’t plan on doing any of them in the first place. The idea was just there, and I took it.

I’ve said before that I never really wanted to be a pundit or an activist, and I see that kind of thing as a distraction. Humor, though? There was a time in high school when I really thought I’d grow up to be a humorist. I just never found the path. I’m not about to give up on fiction or poetry, obviously, but I might be embracing humor writing more.

I guess that’s less a “plan for today” and more about planning in general. But like I said: I might crash.