STATUS: Thursday, May 28th

The State of the Me

Late yesterday, I began to exhibit symptoms of having picked up a case of the creeping con crud. This is the first time in a couple of years I have succumbed to such. The “good news” in all this is that since we were all sick here so shortly before the con, we already have some supplies on hand. The bad news is that I’m already in worse shape than I was during my previous bout, when I was hit less hard than anyone else in our family circle… and even that was enough to knock me on my back for a while.

The Daily Report

I went ahead and did a Sad Puppy Book Review this morning. I’m not sure it’ll be anybody’s favorite unless they’re familiar with the specific bit of Puppy-based criticism it’s parodying, but meh. It was necessary to get my hand back in after more than a week away from it. A short review that mostly spins off one particular line of criticism is about all I can manage right now, to be honest.

Plans For Today

I’m basically up and about right now so I can make sure that I eat actual food and drink something. After I’m done with lunch, I’m going to go lay back down. I might try to do some writing from bed later on.