STATUS: Monday, May 18th

The Daily Report

Well, I am sufficiently not sick to merit putting my personal status update under the professional part.

After giving the matter some thought, I’ve decided to give the satirical book reviews a rest this week. My initial burst of inspiration carried me most of the way through two weeks with very little effort, but I feel like keeping it going for a third week in a row would be a bit more of a slog, and I have a lot of things to get done before Thursday (WISKHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!)

When and whether I resume them will depend on multiple factors. I do have two or three more really strong ideas for specific reviews, and several more books I would like to tackle if I can just hit the right angle for them. But it has to be fun, or it won’t be worth writing, and it must not be forced, or it won’t be worth reading.

Today is the second day I’ve started by working on Tales of MU. It was a bit more of an uphill struggle than last Friday’s efforts, but still fruitful. I predict that by the end of the day I’ll be done with Wednesday’s story, which will be the longest lead time I’ve had in a while.

The State of the Me

My throat is scratchy as all get out but I’m feeling pretty good.

Plans For Today

My main goal for today is to build up momentum on Tales of MU. If I can manage to get multiple updates this week despite being at the con for half of it, I will be justifiably proud of myself, and well positioned to start a great summer.