STATUS: Monday, May 11th

The State of the Me

is that I may be coming down with something. The rest of my household and the local extended family has previously been stricken with an upper respiratory thing, and today I woke up with a clogged sinus and nostril and a sore throat. I should have been suspicious when I was sore and headachey all weekend, as that almost always precedes the display of symptoms for me, but I figured that was psychosomatic as I knew everybody else was sick. I also attributed it to dehydration, because the weather’s been warmer. On the plus side, I’m sure all the water I’ve been drinking was a good idea regardless.

The Daily Report

Another possibly early warning symptom is that I wrote the wrong chapter at the end of last week. I completely screwed up some chronology and the chapter I had intended to post on Friday would have been a continuity-breaking mess, which I didn’t put together until I was looking at it in the wee hours of Friday night. I took a couple of stabs at trying to fix it so I could post it with just minor reworkings, but couldn’t make it work. The good news is that I can still use most of its contents later.  The bad news is this means I’ve pretty much got to start from scratch in how to get there.

…okay, I started this post around 11:30 and then decided I needed to lay down. Two hours later, I have woke up feeling just completely ruined: mind foggy, head stuffy, body just full of old concrete. I’m going to lay back down after I finish typing this paragraph. No prediction on the rest of the day, much less the rest of the week. I do have more Sad Puppy Book Review posts queued up for the rest of the week here.