STATUS: Friday, May 8th

The Daily Report

So, the day before yesterday, John Scalzi tweeted a link to my first SPBR post. Yesterday, Wil Wheaton put it on his Tumblr. A number of other mid-to-high profile authors have also noticed them. It’s amazing. I am terribly grateful. I hope that the eyes being sent my way might result in more attention to my fiction writing, or more participants in the  Angels of the Meanwhile pre-order, but even if the only result is a lot more people reading my satirical reviews, that is in itself a blessing.

The unavoidable side effect of that blessing is that this blog, which I mainly meant as a place to house my personal thoughts, has been getting enough traffic to destabilize the server that also houses Tales of MU, which is the majority of my livelihood. Now, for the love of all that’s holy and a few things that aren’t, please nobody read this and then decide not to share the reviews or worse, lambaste the people who are circulating them. For an indie writer, this is a good problem to have. It is perhaps one of the best problems to have. Please, if you enjoy the reviews, share them. Tweet, tumbl, pin, digg, redd, thorbl, or skrop them to your heart’s content.

I’ve upped the resources that the host allocates for my use a couple of times, which also increases my hosting costs. To offset that, I’ve added some monetization to my site. The Amazon links in the sidebar are now affiliate links, and I’ve started linking to the books mentioned in the reviews. Yes, that “Rules For Radicals” book that right-wing reactionaries are sure we all have memorized is a real book, and it’s on Amazon.

It’s pretty subtle right now… just links, now “BUY NOW” buttons or widgets or anything like that. Things could keep snowballing from here, or they could die down. If they keep snowballing, I’ll have to make this site pay for itself… that will probably involve more explicitly tying it into my patreon more so than intrusive marketing.

The State of the Me

Doing okay. I woke up really early this morning, though.

Plans For Today

Well, the past couple days have sort of been taken up by the unexpected success of the reviews. Today I’m planning on focusing on writing fiction… or at least, less meta-textual fiction. Tales of MU will be updated today, but very possibly it will be in the wee hours again, depending on server stats.