Hello, WisCon people!

Meeting people at WisCon is always interesting. There are people I know or have seen around online for years but only see in person every year or less. Prosopagnosia (face blindness) means that it doesn’t always penetrate when I have met someone before. Each year there’s a few people I have the mildly embarrassing experience of not quite remembering, but at least the WisCon crowd is pretty forgiving about that kind of thing.

This year was a little more interesting because I made a splash with something (my Sad Puppy Book Reviews) in the weeks immediately before the con, so it seemed like there were a lot more people who knew my name or had a touchstone for my work.

The main purpose of this message is to address the people who are looking me up after getting home. I had meant to put up something like this a lot sooner after the con, but… travel woes, then sickness.

First, let me say that if you just found about me and you want to know what else I do besides Puppy parodies and WisCon panels, I’ll direct you to my about page, which has some links to quite a bit of my work that’s available for free. The sidebar of this blog also has stuff you can buy. If you want to keep up with everything I do while also giving some support, I recommend my Patreon page.

Next, since you’re here, I should mention the benefit anthology Angels of the Meanwhile, which contains works by many notable past and present members of the WisCon community. This project exists to benefit Elizabeth R. McClellan (aka @popelizbet), who is both the main reason I’m still writing and the only reason I started going to WisCon.

She suffered a serious injury in the course of avoiding an auto accident earlier this year, and the expenses and complications from that have spiraled. I have put together a collection of donated poetry and prose, some brand new and some previously published, from writers who are close to her or connected to a community she belongs to.

The only way to get this multiformat, DRM-free e-book, is to pre-order now by sending Lizbet a PayPal contribution in any amount you deem fair. All proceeds go directly to her, helping her out in a time of need.

And she does need help.


The initial response was good, and the caliber of talent involved is great, but… we really need more attention for this project in the next few days, and more pre-orders. I can’t help feeling like I am failing my dear firend here. Despite being successfully self-published, I’m actually not that great a promoter or networker. I’m shy, I don’t like to make waves or feel like I’m annoying people.

So please, check out Angels‘ amazing Table of Contents, make a contribution of any amount, share the link, and encourage others to do the same. We need more eyes on it.

I’ve got a lot of cool stuff coming up in the relatively near future, though an exact timeline is going to depend a bit on my health, so I’m not going to go into specifics just yet. For the next few days at least, this blog will probably be full of WisCon recaps/reflections/post-mortems.