STATUS: Tuesday, April 28th

The Daily Report

My watchword (watchphrase?) for the day is “Make the most of it.” Fittingly, I woke up this morning and wrote 2,200 words on a project I’ve had burbling in the background that I’m probably going to be announcing sometime this summer… this depends on more external factors, which is why I haven’t been talking about it. It’s hard to imagine a better start to the day than that

Only about half of what I wrote is actually usable prose. The rest is basically brainstorming to get the character’s voice and some details of her life and the world-building down, but that’s still useful.

Still, though, even if that half had wound up being pure garbage… man, there is some serious utility in not being afraid to sit down and write some garbage. The fear of writing garbage is what keeps us from writing anything.

I’m going to be pushing Angels of the Meanwhile pretty heavily from here on out. We’ve extended things another month, in part because of the very exciting new additions to the table of contents (including Ellen Kushner!). Reserve your copy for $1, $5, whatever price you want. A nautical ton of brilliant poetry and prose, all to benefit a good cause.

The State of the Me

Had a busy, tiring weekend that I was still bouncing back from yesterday. Feeling much better today.

Plans For Today

As I said: “make the most of it”. I’ve already written on the new upcoming project. Today I’m also going to be writing on 50 Grades, and of course Tales of MU.