BREAKING: Members of Honey Badger Brigade turned away from airport

Self-identified men’s rights advocates and #gamergate supporters Allison Tiernan, Karen Straughan, and Hannah Wallen were briefly detained at the airport and then prevented from boarding a plane bound for the United States after Tiernan reportedly made comments to a security agent about “[each of them] having carefully crafted a persona” in order to “infiltrate” the United States.

The three were already subject to scrutiny due to having initially presented the wrong identification at the checkpoint, which they represented as having been necessary due to “people of a certain persuasion” having it in for them. They maintained that they had done nothing wrong, as they had planned to switch out identification once they deemed it “safe” to do so.

“I can’t believe this!” Straughan said to reporters later in the day. “It was a joke! Since when do security people take jokes seriously? No reasonable person could possibly have seen this coming!”

“Obviously they’re trying to keep out our message that contrary to what we assume feminism claims, women can be more than victims or damsels in distress,” Tiernan said in a subsequent video post. “I can’t believe they would treat us like that just because we’re women! Everybody contact the TSA and ask them why they hate women! How could they treat us like that? WE’RE NOT VICTIMS! WE’RE NOT DAMSELS! SOMEBODY SAVE US!”

At press time, sources report that it is still a terrible idea to make jokes about security issues.