STATUS: Friday, April 24th

The Daily Report

Today’s top story is: I have a new blog.

After a long period of depression and creative doldrums, I am feeling revitalized, and I’ve been taking stock about what works in my life and what doesn’t. A lot of what doesn’t is stuff I’ve held onto because it’s been there forever, not because it was useful or necessary.

Livejournal was kind of a foundational element in the fields of both blogging and social media, and so at the outset, it was the blogging site with the best social media presence/integration. That’s why I started Tales of MU there, and why I did most of my blogging there for so many years. But it hasn’t been true for a long time. And the person I was when I started on Livejournal… well, I wouldn’t disown her. But maybe I have outgrown her.

So, here we are.

You might notice there are some snazzy features I’ve enabled on this blog that aren’t yet present on the Tales of MU site, also powered by WordPress. Things like liking posts, commenting through Facebook, and better integrated social media sharing. I’m going to use this site as a test bed of sorts for these things, before deciding whether to enable them over there, rather than messing with my primary source of income.

The State of the Me

I had a lower back pain last night that kept me up until the wee hours, hence a slow start today. I slept well enough once I was comfortable enough to lay down. I’ve been sleeping fairly well in general lately.

Plans For Today

I’m going to be focusing on this blog throughout most of the day, including making some infrastructure improvements and customizations. I also have what you might call a backlog of thoughts to get out, and some general informational posts I know I will need to make. So, my focus is going to be pretty strongly over here until the late afternoon, when I’ll switch to fiction.